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Aluminum Mesh

These aluminum meshes are plain square weave (woven over one, under one) from high quality commercial grade aluminum wire.

Aluminum Wire Mesh - Examples of UsesAluminum Mesh

  • Filter discs
  • Air vents window screening
  • Wherever a lightweight screen is needed. Aluminum weighs 65% less than steel.
  • Electrically conductive substrates and electrodes

Aluminum Wire Mesh - Cutting

Aluminum meshes are easily cut with hand tools. The heavy meshes from 2 mesh through 10 mesh is best cut with tin snips. To cut 16 mesh and finer, you can use a common scissor.

Aluminum Wire Mesh - Choosing

In general, our website gives detailed descriptions and pictures of many aluminum meshes. For someone unfamiliar with wire mesh terminology, 2 mesh has two wires in each direction in a square inch. You could easily pass a pencil through the openings.

16 mesh is what is used in a window or porch screens to keep out common insects. 60x40 mesh is the size commonly used in kitchen faucets. An 80 mesh has an opening which will barely pass a human hair. A piece of paper is about three thousandths (.003) of an inch.

Aluminum Wire Mesh - Look and Feel

Aluminum mesh is an easily bendable material and has little springback after being bent or formed.

Sample Policy

Firstlin will provide samples for your testing and inspection.

The sample sizes are as follows:

  • 2 mesh through 40 mesh: Sample size is 6 inch x 6 inch
  • 50 mesh and finer: Sample size is 2 inch x 2 inch

Aluminum wire mesh samples are available and can be ordered online.

Aluminum Wire Mesh - Discs

  • 500 standard disc diameters
  • Same day delivery on stock items
  • Special diameters in three days
  • Tolerance to +/- .001 inch


We supply mesh discs of various materials. To get an email quote for stainless steel welded mesh discs: You will need to indicate material, disc diameter, mesh and quantity.