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Galvanized Wire Plant - Wire Drawing, Galvanizing, Coiling System

Firstlin supplies production line for galvanized wires. From wire drawing, to galvanizing, zinc plating, to wire coiling. For production of galvanised steel wires of all sizes and qualities, both electro galv. and hot dipped zinc plated.

Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine

Specifications required:
Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine
- Low / Medium Carbon Steel - 10 Drawing Pass
- Wire Drawing Speed 720 mt/min
- Tensile Strenght < 1300 Mpa
- Motor Power Range 37 - 22 KW

Max Inlet Ø5.5 - 6.5 mm
Min Outlet Ø1.8 - 2.0 mm
Reel Ø560 mm 

Wire Drawing Machine Types:

Specification Drawing Path Max. Incoming
Min. Finished
Motor Power
Max. Speed
Rotation Pattern
650 1-4 8.00 4.00 22-15 2 Gear Rotation
560 1-7 6.50 2.00 22-11 6 Gear Rotation
450 1-7 3.50 1.20 18.5-15 7 Gear Rotation
400 6-8 2.50 0.80 11-15 18 V-belt Transmission
360 1-7 2.50 0.60 11-7.5 8 Gear Rotation


Galvanizing Processing Machine

We supply wire galvanizing machines in two types: electro galvanizing line and hot dipped zinc coating production line. They work with wire drawing machine, annealing furnace and other facilities, served as auxiliary devices for galvanized wire manufacture.

Electro Galvanizing Machine

Electro galvanizing line is used for zinc plating on black iron wire. The machine is designed with most advanced technology, with sealed acid pickling, no acid smell during processing. The finished electro galvanized wire surface is shinning and uniformly smooth. The wire is widely used in construction, handicraft, wire mesh, wire fence, binding and other fields.

he hot dip galvanizing device is used for zinc or zn-al ( zinc aluminum alloy) coating of the drawing wire. It is used after the wire rod going through drawing and annealing. Hot dip zinc coating line is usually used as parts of Galvanized Wire Production Plant, work along with Wire Drawing Machinery.

CJ-HG Zinc Coating Line offers the following benefits:
Metal zinc bath; immersed heating nozzle; top heating nozzle; outside heating burner; nitrogen wiping; pad wiping system; a wide zinc coating thickness ranges from 60 to 300g/square meter; efficient water cool and air cooling system; continuous hot dip galvanizing of wire.

Process Flow of Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire
Steel wire rod - C Wire Drawing - Pay-off stand ( wire releasing)  gas pipe annealing furnace (heat treatment)  air cooled  water tank (pickling system)  Primary assisted plating solvent tank (plating assistant ) - Primary drying furnace (drying after plating assistant)  Hot dip zinc coating pan (hot dip galvanized of steel wire )  porcelain mold or asbestos wipe (Coating wiping )  water cool after hot dipped galvanizing  air cool after hot dipped galvanizing  wire collection

The steel wire should be cleaned quickly to meet the requirement of hot-dip galvanizing speed. The pickling system can ensure the reliable pickling efficiency, so that the steel wire can reach the clean surface before plating under the scouring of hydrochloric acid. Tasteless pickling tank made of PP composite material. Acid concentration can be controlled according to process requirements.

Hot dipped galvanized pot
The zinc pot with heating system is installed on the top end of the zinc pot and opposite sides of the pot. The temperature of zinc liquid in the working area of the zinc pot remains smooth at same level.

Pot size: 3000 * 1600 * 600 (mm)
Temperature range: 440 ~ 460 °C
Zinc pot melting amount: 3 tons
Coating wiping:
Porcelain mold or asbestos wipe;
Galvanized 30 ~ 150g /m2 or 60 to 300g zinc layer


Wire Coiling Machine

Trunk rewinding machine is designed for the take-up of metal wires in heavy coils, used usually along with the wire drawing machine. In this way, the whole drawing and taking-up work go on continuously. Trunk winding machine is also known as non-stop coilers.

Features: Electromagnetic speed adjusting motor driving, dynamic balance excellence, fixed speed matching with the wire drawing machine, heavy coil, manpower saving.

Wires winding: The coilers are used for various metal wires including low carbon steel wire, copper wire, aluminium wire.

Take-up speed options: 300-600m/min, 300-640m/min, 400-800m/min

Galvanized Wire Products manfuactured by the machines: