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Galvanized Iron Wire Mesh - Fences, Barriers, Enclosures

Steel mesh galvanized is popularly used in fencing and barrier applications. Steel wire mesh with galvanizing finish offers good corrosion resistance, suitable for outdoor and various commercial, industrial and residential fencing uses. Galvanized fencing mesh can be square hole wire mesh, hexagonal hole mesh, dimond mesh.

Weldmesh Fence
Specification available for galvanized welded wire mesh fence: All sizes are available from 1/4"x1/4"to 2"x 2" BWG from 14# wire to 23# wire. Galvanized Welded Iron Wire Mesh is widely used in fencing of industry, agriculture, building, transportation and mining for all such purposes as structure protection,safety isolation,airport fencing, highway fencing and etc. 14-gauge galvanized welded wire fence is used around gardens, chicken run, rabbit fence.

Hexagonal Mesh Fence -Woven Mesh Fence

Specification available for galvanized hexagonal mesh fence: All sizes available from mesh 3/8'' to 4'', wire diameter from 14 to 27BWG.
Weaving Patterns: Straight twist, reverse twist, double twist.
Galv.Hexagonal Mesh Fence of 20 gauge steel wire is galvanized after twisted netting fence, popularly used as poultry netting for chicken enclosure and garden fences. Also known as Chicken fence.

Diamond Mesh Fence - Woven Wire Fence, Chain Link Type
Specification available for galvanized diamond mesh fence: All sizes available from mesh 1/2'' to 2'', wire diameter from 8gauge to 16BWG. Diamond mesh fence, mostly Chain Link Type Fence, is commonly used in sports fence, airport fence, temporary fence, railway fence and various security fencing applications. Chain link fabrics is spiral woven wire netting with diamond shaped or rhombic mesh opening.
Diamond mesh fence is supplied in Rolls 50' or Cut Rolls. We will cut rolls to exact size for local deliveries and pick-ups only. Chain link is easily cut to size by removing one spiral link.
Major Finishes: Electro galvanized steel; hot dipped galvanized; pvc coated, other materials like aluminumized steel or stainless steel are also available.

Selecting Weld Mesh Fence or Woven Mesh Fence:

Diamond hole woven wire mesh provides strong, durable and flexible construction. Featuring a springy, flexible, high tensile fabric. The closely spaced diamond mesh construction gives your fence linear strength and springy texture.  
Welded wire fence has welding spot will get breaking at great strength and it has less springy texture.

For general and rigid fencing uses, choose weld mesh fence. For sites that requires fencing at the same time protecting, for example zoos, animal breeding fencing, sports playground, choose woven wire fence. The animals or people will not easily get hurt if they get in touch with the flexible woven wire fences.