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Barbed Wire

Barbed wire fences come from a variety of materials: Electro galvanized iron wire, hot-dip galvanized iron wire and PVC coated iron wire.

Firstlin offers IOWA Type Barbed Wire and Razor Type Barbed Wire and Concertina Type Barbed Wire Fences.

Features and Uses: Barbed Wires are wire products of great versatility, as they allow to be installed over wire fences for small farms and sites. Barbed wire is a product recommended for the construction of strong and lasting fencings. It is extremely adapted to control heavy and wild animals. Barbed wire can be widely used as accessories for woven wires fences to form a fencing system or security system. It is called barbed wire fences or barbed obstacles when it is used simply by itself along the wall or the building to give a kind of protection. Barbed wire is also written as barbed tape as it is always used in a line to form a kind of tape.

Zinc coatings for Galvanized barbed wire:
2.00mm 70g/m2
2.50mm 80g/m2
2.50mm 90g/m2

Roll Line Wire
Mass kg / Diameter mm
50.0 / 2.0
33.0 / 2.0
25.0 / 2.0
17.5 / 2.0
10.0 / 2.0

50.0 / 2.5
35.0 / 2.5
25.0 / 2.5
14.8 / 2.5