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Production Process of Hot-dipped Galvanized Iron Wire:
Steel rod coil -- wire drawing -- annealing -- rust removing -- acid washing -- zinc plating -- wire coiling.
Production Process of Electro Galvanized Iron Wire:
Steel rod coil -- wire drawing -- wire annealing--rust removing-- acid washing-- boiling-- drying-- zinc feeding-- wire coiling.

For big coil galvanized iron wire, we also have wire rewinding machine to layout the small coil wire and winding it again into big coils with different inner diameter.

Annealing Technology: Annealing goes after wire drawing of coils in the process. Annealing is divided into oxygen free annealing, open-hearth annealing used in galvanizing and heat annealling which is commonly used in factories.

Raw Material Wire Drawing
Acid Washing Acid Washing
Wire Annealing Hot-dipped Galvanizing
Wire Coiling Wire Coiling
Weight Measuring Wire Packing