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Galvanized Stay Wire - Wire and Strand for ACSR reinforcement Core Wires

Galvanized wire and strand hot dipped galvanised is extremely flexible and soft, extensively used as galvanized steel core wire for reinforcing, especially for ACSR reinforcement.

Materials: Choice mild steel wire

Processing: Wire drawing, acid washing and rust removing, galvanizing, annealing and coiling.

What is ACSR and Uses
ACSR cable is a Aluminium conductor steel-reinforced cable, a device used in overhead transmission and distribution across rivers and valleys and other spacious areas. ACSR cable wire offers good electrical conductivity and sufficient mechanical strength, large tensile strength, composed of cold drawn aluminum wire and high tensile galvanized steel wire.

Why Galvanized Steel Wire for ACSR
Galvanized wire used as the ACSR core wire shall have a high tensile strength and heavy zinc coating corrosion resistance property. The wire strand shall be twisted evenly and tightly. The direction of each layer of ACSR is opposite, and the direction of the outer layer of ACSR is right. The twisted steel core is naturally arranged. After the steel core is cut off, the steel core is easy to reset.

Stranded galvanized steel wire is made of carbon steel zinc plated. The single wires are concentrically stranded and wrapped helically around a central wire. Wire numbers are single wire, 7 wire strand, 19 wire strand, etc.

7X1.44MM ACSR Stay Wire

Standard for 7X1.44MM ACSR Wire: ASTM B 498, ASTM B 232
Inner wire need to be greased

7X1.44MM ACSR Wire Specifications:

Individual wire diameter mm 1.44
No. of wires pcs 7
Cross-sectional area mm2 12
Overall diameter mm 4.32
Total weight with grease Kg/km 90.6 (-0,+ 2%)
Cutting length mt. As per P.O
Type of grease   OCG5000 or Equivalent
Lay ratio range Tensile strength of wire (before stranding) Mpa 16-26 1340
Tensile strength of wire (after stranding) Mpa 1273



Length Wire No. Wire Diameter Lay Ratio Extenal Lay Direction Tolerance in wire diameter Approx.weight of Grease Min. mass of Zinc coating
M   mm Min mm Max mm   mm mm Kg/Km Class A g / m2
4000 m (- 0,+3)% And Multipule of 4000 m 7 1.44 16 26 R.H 0.03 0.03 1.8 195


Galvanized Steel Core Wire Standard
ASTM A475: Standard Specification for Zinc-Coated Steel Wire Strand
ASTM B 498: Standard Specification for Zinc-Coated (Galvanized) Steel Core Wire for Aluminum Conductors, Steel Reinforced (ACSR)
BS183: Specification for General Purpose Galvanized Steel Wire Strand
BS 50189: Conductors ofr overhead lines-Zinc coated steel wires
IEC 60888: Zinc-coated steel wires for stranded conductors
DIN 48200: Wires for stranded conductors
JIS G 3537: Zinc-coated steel wire strands
AS 1222.1: Steel conductors and stays-Bare overhead