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Wire Mesh Equipment Catalog

Wire Mesh Machine Manufacturers and Exporters

We provide wire mesh manufacturing equipment for export. Machines for production of galvanized woven wire mesh, welded mesh, barbed wire, concertina wire, also galvanized wire plants.

Wire Drawing Machine

For production of galvanised wires of different gauges.

Technical specification:
8 blocks 550mm
5.5mm inlet to 1.8 mm outlet
Low carbon steel material
Designed with Rotating die holder

The drawing machine including:
Wire scaling and brushing system
Dead block machine
Complete electrical control board
Power: 380 V 60 Hz

Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine

Hexagonal wire netting machine has two models. One is NW hexagonal wire mesh machine, the other one is straight and reverse hexagonal wire netting machine.

Welded Mesh Machine

We can supply welded wire mesh machine for producing of welded wire mesh of a wide range of mesh counts and sizes.

Barbed Wire Machine

We supply barbed wire machine for making of various barbed wires: IOWA Type Barbed Wire in all wire sizes and barb spaces. Our barbed wire machine produces galvanized barbed wire, plastic coated barbed wire of different patterns. Barbed wire single or double twisted.

Concertina Razor Wire Machine

Full automatic razor barbed wire making machine, produce razor wire from Blade 10 to 65. All finishes and sizes available.

We supply machines for manufacture of following galvanized wire products:


We supply machines for manufacture of following wire mesh products:


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