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Soft Annealed Black Iron Binding Wire in Coils, Cut Length, U Type, Twisted Single and Double Loop

Binding wire of black annealed material offer better tensile strength and easier tying compared with galvanized wires. Black annealed iron binding wire is also called black tying wire. The annealed black binding / tying wire features excellent flexibility and softness going through the process of oxygen free annealing. Standard follows: DIN, GB, ISO, JIS, BA, ANSI, SGS, etc.

Forms of Supply

Black annealed tying wire comes in the following forms:
Small coil wire;
Big coil wire;
Straight cut wire;
U type wire;
Quick link looped wire.

Specification List Comparison of Wire Gauge of Different Standards Binding Wire

Gauge No ASWG (America standard Wire gauge ) BWG (Birmingham wire Gauge ISWG (Imperial standard wire gauge)
8# 4.114mm 4.191mm 4.064mm
9# 3.766mm 3.759mm 3.658mm
10# 3.429mm 3.403mm 3.251mm
11# 3.06mm 3.048mm 2.946mm
12# 2.679mm 2.768mm 2.642mm
13# 2.324mm 2.413mm 2.337mm
14# 2.032mm 2.108mm 2.032mm
15# 1.829mm 1.829mm 1.829mm
16# 1.578mm 1.651mm 1.626mm
17# 1.371mm 1.473mm 1.422mm
18# 1.206mm 1.244mm 1.219mm
19# 1.041mm 1.066mm 1.016mm
20# 0.883mm 0.883mm 0.883mm
21# 0.806mm 0.813mm 0.813mm
22# 0.726mm 0.711mm 0.711mm

Soft Quality Black Annealed Wire in Coils for Construction Binding Uses

Firstlin exports constructional binding wire in black, soft, annealed surface treatment according to DIN 59110 and other international standards. Used in binding and tieing, mainly manual tying and twisting. Normal tensile strength ranges from 350 to 550 N/mm2. Custom specifications available. Small coils (for manual tying mainly) and big coils (designed for machine binding) are both supplied to meet specific work conditions.

Material: Steel wire (prime / first choice).

Constructional Black Rebar Tying Wire supplied popularly in 21BWG, 16BWG, 18Guage and 3.65mm, 3.15mm wire diamter.

Black Annealed U Type Wire Ties ( Wire Length: 20-60cm)

Processed from fine low carbon black wire for daily bundling and rebar tying.
Material: Low carbom Q235/Q195
Wire Diameter: 21Ga-14Ga BWG
Length: 20-60cm

U type soft iron wire ties for building material bundling up.

Single and Double Loop Bale Ties in Mild Steel, Soft Annealed Quality

Loop ties and twisted ties are binding wire for quick tying and packing. Soft annealed black single and double looped binding wire is used in cotton baling, daily packing and construction binding. It is easy to operate simply and directly and using of it can enhance the working efficiency, reduce pollution. PVC coating surface treatment available.

Manual Baling Tie Wire
Cotton Bale Binding Wire of Double Loop Tying Pattern, in 21 Gauge to 14 Gauge BWG with a length ranges of 4 to 16 inch

Big Coil Black Iron Baling Wire on Carriers for Automatic Horizontal Balers

Firstlin supplies big coils annealed binding wire of maximum 2203LB per coil. With advanced wire rewinding machine to layout the small coil wire and winding it again into big coils with different inner diameter. Annealed big coil binding wire is mainly used as automatic binding industrial bale tie wire, etc.

Cut to Length Wire Ties (1.10mm, 2.0mm, 2.50mm)
Wire Diameter: 0.4-4.0mm
Length 5cm-500cm, custom sizes acceptable.

Garden Tying Wire
Soft Annealed Black Wire Straightened and Cut to Sizes, used for securing trees, vines and creepers, used as plant supports and trellises support

Standard Chemical Composition and Physical Property of Black Annealed Iron Wire Quality BS4482
Tested for sample material, quality reference only.

Chemical Composition
C Si Mn P S
0.06 0.2 0.4 0.025 0.03
Physical Property
Rel Y.S(Mpa) Rm T.S(Mpa) AEL(%) 180.C.B.T d=0
200 350 32% Confirm

Supplied in bundles of 25kg per bundle with inside plastic film, then in woven plastic bags.
1.57mm x 1.42kg tie wire belt coils available. Belt coil size 50mm (inside spool diameter of coil) x 115mm (outside diameter of rolled coil) and coil thickness 35mm (50X115X35).

Packing and Weight List

Soft Black Annealed Binding Wire
Wire Diameter Strength Packing Weight
0.16mm-0.6mm 30-40kg Coils or spools 2-100kgs
0.6mm-5.0mm 30-40kg Big package 100-800kgs
0.16mm-0.6mm 60-70kg Coils or spools 2-100kgs
0.6mm-5.0mm 60-70kg Big package 100-800kgs